Here at Angie’s Garden — Dogs really are family

Having found this website, I can pretty much bet YOU LOVE DOG’S AND YOU TOO BELIEVE THEY ARE PART OF THE FAMILY! Welcome friend, because at Angie’s Garden your fur baby is considered part of the family just as our beautiful refuge girl Adison is family.

Hello and welcome to Angie’s Garden holiday houses where your fur babies are as welcome as you are.

My name is Angie Weeks I am a passionate animal lover and a voice for those who don’t have one. If I may indulge a little? It all started when I was just 2 years old when my parents bought me an 8-week-old Miniature Poodle I called Shandy, by age 5, Jessie a very naughty Basset x Beagle came into our lives along with a kitten called Tammy a bird and gold fish. My parents raised us girls to know all there was to know about animal responsibility. The animals always went on camping holidays with us it was how it was. So as an adult and with dogs of my own it was normal for them to go where we went and yet it seemed so much more difficult.

My husband Roger and I have always said if the girls (DOGS) aren’t welcome then neither are we. We travelled all over Australia staying in houses caravan parks cabins, we very quickly felt like second class citizens because we dared to travel with Chocolate a Great Dane and Samantha a Border Collie x Cattle Dog. We were fed up and just knew we had to make a stand for the greater good of dogs and humans!

In December 2009 Angie’s Garden Retreat was opened for Dog Loving Humans who wanted to holiday in beautifully appointed homes with their Dog. When we created The Retreat, we made a long list of all the things we loved and hated about the properties we had previously stayed in. The Retreat is a soulful home an Oasis of Peace and Tranquillity all wrapped up in stunning tropical gardens,

Angie’s Garden Retreat was so well received by you, it had been suggested we create another property. In 2015 Angie’s Garden Beachouse was created, my homes reflect who I am and I guess where I am in my life journey. The Beachouse reflects returning to grass roots, reaching within and finding your life purpose. Animals of all walks of life matter and with so much urban development around us I believe it is super important to create beautifully appealing gardens for humans but one where the Birds and the Bees are provided for as well. So, weather you are inside or out you will feel completely nurtured at The Beachouse.

Within a short time, I received a phone call from a local investor who were over having a straight rental property. Scott and Natalie reached out to me and asked if I would consider managing their rental property and helping them to establish their home as a Pet Friendly Holiday House. It was a match, we both understood each other’s need and today Angie’s Garden Poolside is extremely well received. Natalie has an eye for detail we had so much fun creating Poolside. Poolside is all about having fun in the sun and warmth of the Fraser Coast and of course it had to be just as Dog Welcoming as our other homes.

Angie's Garden - Dog Welcome, Pet Friendly, House Accommodation

Dog Friendly Accommodation or we prefer Dog Welcoming Accommodation can mean so many things, but at Angie’s Garden what it means is:

  • Dogs are family
  • Dog minding is available
  • Dogs are Welcome inside with you
  • Dogs receive their own Welcome Gifts
  • Dogs of all breeds and sizes are Welcome

In 2017, I continue to pursue my passion and love of dogs and be a voice and light for those who can’t speak up. I have now linked arms with Maryborough Animal Refuge and personally created Project Shelter. Our beautiful girl Adison came to us via Maryborough refuge when I heard about her plight for a loving fur-ever home. Adison had been in refuge for 6 months and was desperate to get out. I agreed to be a Foster mum and take her home all with the intention of finding Adison a loving home. Adison touched my heart and after being childless for more than 2 years since Samantha passed new memories are being created. I look forward to sharing the journey of Angie’s Garden with you.

Hugs from me and wet nose kisses from Adison

Angie Weeks

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