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Beautiful Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is one of Queensland’s best natural holiday destinations offering the world’s closest whale watching encounters with humpback whales as well as easy access to World Heritage Listed Fraser Island; the world’s largest sand island and Lady Elliot Island; the first coral cay on World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef. Its safe sheltered waters make it an aquatic paradise perfect for year round swimming, diving, sailing, water sports and fishing. Dotted along the Hervey Bay Esplanade are cosmopolitan and alfresco cafes, shops, parklands, picnic areas, playgrounds, piers and a vibrant marina.

In perfect, stinger-free water enjoy kayaking, yachting, diving, water and jet skiing, wind surfing and snorkelling. Boating and fishing enthusiasts enjoy estuary, beach, jetty, reef and game fishing. Join a tour or charter your own vessel, yacht or houseboat.

Enjoy a bicycle ride along the picturesque foreshore, visit places such as the Orchid House within the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the Marina area or one of the many restaurants and cafes situated along the Esplanade.

Hervey Bay has been blessed with some of Australia’s most stunning natural attractions that provide the backdrop for a huge range of activities that will suit all ages.

With eco experiences that revistalise the soul, adventure activities to get the heart racing, history that amazes, art and culture that inspires, local food and wine to tantalise the tastebuds, hidden treasures to explore and a lifestyle that captivates; Hervey Bay offers unlimited attractions and experiences for you to savour.

Angie's Garden - Dog Welcome, Pet Friendly, House Accommodation
Angie's Garden - Dog Welcome, Pet Friendly, House Accommodation

Brief History

The indigenous Butchulla people are the traditional residents of Hervey Bay. The first recorded European sighting of Hervey Bay was made by James Cook while carrying out his running survey of the east coast of Australia, on the 22 May 1770. “By noon Cook’s ship was in a position a little over half-way across the opening of Hervey Bay heading for Bundaberg. When Cook first discovered Hervey Bay, he did not realize that Fraser Island was a separate part of land to Australia, Cook did not travel far enough south due to the shallow depths of the waters in the Bay. Cook named the bay “Hervey’s Bay” after Augustus John Hervey (1724–1779), later Third Earl of Bristol, a naval officer who became a Lord of the Admiralty the year Endeavour returned”.

Until around the mid-1980s the area was serviced by a rail link from the Main North Coast line that diverted from Aldershot and went through Takura, Walligan, Nikenbah then on to Pialba and Urangan. The line was a major freight point for the Port of Maryborough and for the sugar cane industry until road transport assumed the role.

In 1984, Hervey Bay was officially known as the ‘City of Hervey Bay’. It was known as a city because of its large growth in business, population, tourism and industry. Although it was now being known as a city, it still remained a small seaside village to most of the local residents.

Angie's Garden - Dog Welcome, Pet Friendly, House Accommodation

Whale Watching

From July to November, the calm waters of Hervey Bay come alive with Whales. World renowned for up close and personal interactions with the majestic Humpback Whales. It’s the intimacy you will experience with the whales as they come right up to the boats and look you in the eye and breathe out their salty air. I personally promise, you will be touched and moved by the closeness and peacefulness of these gentle giants of the sea.

Twenty plus years of research has confirmed that the Fraser Coast is the only place in the world where the whales holiday! Honestly, up to 10 000 whales stop rest and socialise in the calm and soothing waters. It is perfect for calves and mothers to rest and do a catch up with their friends. Hervey Bay is the only place where they do deviate from the open ocean to calm waters. It is now very well scientifically documented that each whale will spend on average 10 days in Hervey Bay waters, using this time to rest play and socialise. This does not happen in the open waters where they are simply passing through as part of their annual migration back to the Antarctica.

You can be certain that your whale watching experience will be a memory which will last a life time and can only be experienced right here in Hervey Bay.

Since 2009 I have been working closely with 3 of the best tour operators, I can say you will be looked after given the best opportunity to experience the whales and honestly all these family owned and operated businesses love the whales and our region.

Should you choose to immerse yourself in the Whales world you can be submerged in boom nets or placed on a special platform, where the whales will come alongside.  Truly amazing, spine tingling and hair raising. With the greatest respect and safety in mind Immersion is only available weather permitting and only available in Hervey Bay. So, go ahead if you are wanting a heart stirring experience start planning your holiday with the Whales now.